How Do You Know What Books Will Sell On Kindle?

The world of writing is one that’s not exempt from ridicule. Yes, a lot of authors have great ideas in mind, but not all of them are “saleable” to the general reading public. Though one might have a great vision, not everyone easily lends an ear to hear you out.

As such, when an author decides to enter the world of self-publishing, one must be well-prepared for it. Though you can start digging in to your interests to get the perfect topic or subject for your book, it isn’t enough. You need to keep up with the demands of the market and cater your book to their needs.

Thanks to modern technology, one can make use of certain tools and services to aid you in researching. It would be hard to do manual methods, as you’ll literally need to look at thousands – and probably even millions, of books before you can arrive at a verdict.

What is Kindle Spy?

  • Kindle Spy is a publishing tool that helps self-publishers in the niche research and marketing phase
  • A software used to collect, organize and analyses data for one to know what are the saleable topics on Kindle nowadays

How does Kindle Spy do this?

  1. Software downloads data of the first 20 books for the chosen keyword or category.
  2. The status for that keyword is then displayed. This allows the author to see if that particular keyword is saleable or not.
  3. Software then scans the information on Kindle books. The following data are then connected with regards to that keyword:
  • Number of pages
  • Price
  • Estimated sales
  • Monthly sales or revenue
  • Number of reviews
  • Sales rank

From these data, pay close attention to the sales rank and estimated sales if you’re considering to enter the Amazon Kindle business.

Aside from its keyword searching feature, an author can also track their competitor’s rankings within 30 days. Not that it fosters competition, but at least you get a better view as to where your book is currently standing on the leader board.

What are you waiting for?
Give kindle spy a try now and unleash your inner potential.